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Standard Securities Calculation Software Library

Fixed Income Routines in C, C#, Java, Perl, JNI, Fortran, COBOL and others for almost any platform.

The SSC SL is a set of callable functions which provide programmatic access to the precise
“industry-standard” calculations you need for fixed income trading operations, finance, research, portfolio and money management. It was developed and produced by TIPS, Inc. for the Securities Industry Association and The Bond Market Association.

About Standard Securities Calculation Software Library

With this library, you can quickly and accurately calculate hundreds of analytics. These include prices, yields, durations, etc., for domestic and most foreign developed and emerging market securities.

The Library implements standard calculations for:

  • U.S. bonds, notes and discount securities
  • Mortgage-backed securities
  • Developed and emerging market bonds
  • Debt structuring
  • Portfolio performance measures

And where there are no industry-standard calculations defined, the “building block” structure of the Library frees programmers to create proprietary analytics by combining and building on standard functions contained in the Library.

The SSC Software Library is:


Calculations can’t be close. They must be exact. And the Library provides the most accurate, consistent calculations possible.


Writing your own programs requires extensive analysis, research and programming effort. Even then, the resulting program might have bugs or calculation errors in it. With the Library, everything has been thoroughly checked and rechecked. It’s ready for immediate use.


It doesn’t matter if you have most of the calculations you need to support your users — you've got to have all of them. The Library contains hundreds and hundreds of routines, and is regularly enhanced and expanded.


Keeping the numbers the same from one system to another is a must. The Library produces the same results on numerous supported hardware and software platforms: mainframe to minicomputer to workstation to PC.


Forcing programmers to use computer languages they don’t know well leads to costly and bug-ridden code. The Library can be easily used in the programmer’s native language — everything from C, C#, Java, COBOL, Fortran and RPG to FoxPro, Visual Basic and others.


New securities products and regulations are constantly being introduced. Keeping your own calculations up to date is time-consuming and extremely costly. TIPS, Inc. regularly updates the Library, so you stay abreast with the latest developments in bonds, MBS, FRNs — virtually any fixed income security product traded in primary or secondary markets.

Euro capable

Since September of 1998 the product has contained functions for the analysis of new Euro denominated bonds and bonds redenominated to the Euro and reconventioned.


Pricing for the Standard Securities Calculation Software Library is available upon request. Contact our Sales Department at (201) 915-3122 for a detailed price quote.

Supported Environments

  • Personal Computers
  • Workstations
  • Minicomputers
  • Mainframes
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