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Standard Securities Calculation Bond Analytics Module

The Standard Securities Calculation Bond Analytic Module (SSC BAM) product is a single high-level routine which makes available much of the power of the industry-standard Standard Securities Calculation Software Library for calculating prices, yields and other analytics on bonds, notes and discount securities. In fact it uses the Standard Securities Calculation Software Library to do its work, keeping the details invisible to the programmer. Since the SSC Software Library is the standard by which other calculation packages are measured, and is constantly updated to reflect changes in the industry, users of SSC BAM are assured of getting the latest and most accurate figures possible. Accuracy does not compromise speed. We have developed and incorporated sophisticated algorithms into our products to maximize their efficiency. This allows large numbers of calculations to be performed quickly on virtually any platform.

This routine was designed as a plug-in “black-box” for fixed income calculations. At TIPS, Inc. we are always available to answer questions on how to use it, although we don’t think you’ll need us.

The programmer’s interface is intuitive and comprehensive, and you’ll be producing accurate, exact calculations the very first day you use SSC BAM.

Supported Environments

  • Minicomputers
  • Workstations
  • Personal Computers
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